All in for Kids Marathon Nearing Completion

Parents and community members have gone All in for Kids in record numbers this year. From August through October, more than 2,000 families contributed a whopping $411,000. Kudos to our donors and hardworking All in for Kids committee. You make it possible for our kids to receive the BEST education instead of the BASIC education funded by the state. 


All in for Kids continues through the end of the year. If you haven’t yet made your donation, please consider doing so today at  Your gift in any amount will help fund programs that benefit every student, at every school.  After you’ve given be sure to look for your name on the ‘In Crowd’ donor list.


Grants Gone Live!

Online applications for Academic Enrichment Grants go live on Monday, November 10. Teachers, staff and parents may apply for projects that reflect creativity and innovation in education and/or support school needs not currently covered by building or district budgets. If you have a great idea, talk to your teacher and/or principal and plan to attend our Grant Workshop on Wednesday, November 5 from 5:00 – 6:00 pm at the District Administration Building. For more information please contact Michelle Weldon,


What Have We Done for You Lately?

Have questions about the Foundation and how those All in for Kids Annual Fund donations are helping your school? Check out the list on our programs page.


You Did It!

Second grade teachers at Maple Hills elementary received an Academic Enrichment Grant to purchase materials that would help their students learn to love math. Judging by the student thank you letter below, their plan worked.


“Thank you for the math books! They helped me learn. Give Me Half helped me learn about fractions. More Carrots helped me learn to sort. Thank you!     --Cali