WELCOME TO THE SKYLINE PTSA Nominating Information Page. 


The Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for the 2019-20 Executive Board.


The Skyline PTSA board has a number of positions available for next year and we are currently taking nominations. As a valued member of the Skyline High School community, we are hoping that you might know of someone (or even yourself) who would make a good board member. It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a moment to forward a couple of nominations and their contact information to our committee.





  • February 2019:  Nominating Committee elected at Skyline PTSA General Meeting
  • March (to be defined), 2019: Nominations due to Nominations Committee.  Print Nomination form or use Online Nomination Form
  • March (to be defined), 2019:  Proposed 2019-2020 slate posted on Skyline PTSA Website and at Skyline HS.
  • March (to be defined), 2019:  Elections held during Skyline General Meeting, Skyline Library.  6:30 pm








Nomination Committee Members 2019-2020:






Nominating Committee Handbook



What positions are open? 


The positions that are elected are: TBD  


Other positions are appointed by the incoming President.  For details, see the Standing Rules




How do I nominate someone?


Complete the nominations form and forward it to or email the following info to anyone on the committee no later than March(to be defined), 2019, or use the Online Nomination Form






Please return this form by mail, or deliver to the PTSA mailbox in the school office, or via email.


Your Name: __________________________________ Email: __________________________________


Self-Nomination:  I would like to be considered for the following PTSA Elected Position(s):


  Ο  President      Ο  Vice-President      Ο Treasurer       Ο Secretary


Nomination: I would like to recommend this person(s) to be considered for the following PTSA


Elected Position(s):


Name_________________________________ Position _________________________


Name_________________________________ Position _________________________


Please indicate if you are recommending two people as co’s for any position. ________________________________________________________________


Qualifications for this office:




PTA/PTSA service and experience:




Community service or other related experience:






Thank you for your nomination! 








Nomination Committee Members 2019-2020: